Walford Creations

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About me...

Having over 25 years of experience in welding and fabrication in southern England, my love of welding and metal work came from designing and building custom motorcycles in the 1980's and gaining many top awards and magazine coverage for my efforts.



My employment in the welding industry has been wide and varied.  From working in a small forge in the idealic setting of the New Forest, to being a pipe welder for the petrol/chemical industry.  

Being coded in steel, stainless steel and aluminium.  

Fabricating and welding stainless steel products and fittings for prestige yachts including the Witbread 60 series.  

Fabricating and welding stainless large pressure vessels for the M.O.D and the oil industry.  Pressure pipe work for Water Treatment Plants in and around the UK.

Micro pipe work and vessel work for British Neuclear Fuels (B.N.F.).  Most recently running a Ltd company and contracted to work abroad in places such as Belgium, Spain and France.

Pipe welding for British Aerospace (B.A.E.).  Welding and installing Autoclaves which are large pressure vessels for curing carbon fibre for Le Mans Series and F1 companies.



I have found my home in France and a more relaxed way of life, and now I would like to continue to share my experiences and knowledge.